The Republic of Rumi: A Novel of Reality
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The Republic of Rumi: a Novel of Reality

Chapter 86


By Khurram Ali Shafique

Now you may visit the second half of Gabriel’s Wing. It contains titled poems but some untitled fragments invariably keep sprouting here and there.

The first nine poems deal with the human interaction with God.


The Poet submits his heart, soul, thought and art. This is his way of worshipping the Almighty.

The Mosque of Cordoba

The grand structure of eight stanzas, each consisting of eight couplets, is the central mosque in the Wisdom of Love.

Mysteries of Time swarm the majestic atmosphere while a window on the river flowing nearby with the serene song of a countrywoman in the background offers insights into the destiny of nations.

Mutamid’s Lament

Mutamid is a weak ruler of Spain but a good poet. Thrown in prison by a rival, he looks at his fetters and wonders if his sword was made of the same steel: would the Creator show macabre humor in writing destinies?

The First Date Palm Planted By Abdul Rahman I

The earlier caliph who ordered the construction of the Mosque of Cordoba was a fugitive prince from the Middle East. Here he pants the first date palm in his new kingdom and prays to God that it should prosper.


Iqbal is returning after a soul-stirring visit to Spain.

The Prayer of Tariq Ibn Ziyad

When the first Arab conqueror landed on the shore of Spain he burnt his boats. Here he offers thanks to God for giving the unity of thought, vision and ideals to the Muslim nation.


After his death, Lenin is surprised to see that contrary to what he believed, God really exists.“So You are the Almighty,” the revolutionary addresses the Creator. “Then how come the poor workers are so destitute in the world?”

The Song of the Angels

Angels accompany the petition of Lenin with a heavenly choir.

God’s Command

“Rise and awaken the meek of My world,” God orders the angels. “Shake the walls and windows of the mansions of the elite. Kindle with the fire of faith the blood of the slaves. Erase all imprints of the old, for the hour approaches of the rule of the masses: burn every ear of wheat from the field that doesn’t bring livelihood to the peasant. Banish the bishops from the Church and put out the lamps of Kabah and the idol house, so that no veils should separate the created and the Creator. The modern civilization is a workshop of glassmakers, so teach the madness to the Poet of the East.”

Angels disperse to carry out the Divine command and some go looking for the Poet of the East, who is Iqbal.

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The first nine poems of the second section of Gabriel’s Wing deal with the human interaction with God and include the Mosque of Cordoba, prayers of Iqbal, Spanish rulers Mutamid and Abdur Rahman I, Lenin and angels, and God’s command to angels.
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