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DAWN Tuesday Review, Mar 26-April 1, 1996


"Love '95

Watch it, although this is 1996 now. The new release from Shamlm Ara "after the record-breaking success of Munda Bigra Jaye" (so goes the popular phrase) is not up to the standards set by her previous films (remember Miss Hong Kong?) but still it is quite enjoyable if your purpose is to pass 2 1/2 hours with music (never mind plagiarism), dance (forgive Reema for unsuccessfully copying Madhuri, who is far above her in grace and artistry) and humor (although some of the jokes are rather bawdy, but still if you are in a cinema house full of people and everybody is enjoying themselves, you feel good, don't you?). This is  perhaps  the  first Pakistani film that touches on homosexuality although gay activists of the West might not like the way it is presented in the movie. Whether it should have been touched upon at all or not is an issue we can take up at some more serious moments. Meanwhile, just go and watch the homosexual villain Kafoor and wonder why everyone in the hall starts hooting at him, mimicking his very catcalls. Just to remind you again of the right path, Shamim Ara has also arranged for you a trip to the mazaar of Hazral Abu Ayub Ansari (RA), who is buried in Istanbul. If you think religion should be kept out of the movie hall just recall the moments you felt excited about the Lost Ark and the Holy Grail while watching Indiana Jones series. Yes, some scenes in Love '95 smack of third-rate sensationalism but who is thinking of Oscars right now? Love '95 is as weak as all average Pakistani movies but more enjoyable than many of them. Poor art, good fun.

Poor art, good fun.

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