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Let's say no to a puerile feminism

Women and cinema in Pakistan

Women as prophets

A woman's Islam?

Gender roles in education

The angry young Mughal

The chocolate-cream hero legend

James Bond Quiz

Waheed Murad Quiz

Women at work: Secretary

Your child at school

Book Review: Kulliyat-e-Makateeb-e-Iqbal

Book Review: Ordinary People

Profile: Juan Elia

Lahore Fort: fact and fiction

Cinerama : The rise and fall of cult figures

Cinerama : The importance of being Eve

Cinerama : Sold for a song

Cinerama : The director's cut

Aslam Azhar - What are they reading...?

Cinerama: The hunt for success

A Chorus Before the Last Act

Profile: Professor A. H. Dani

Muslim Science

Profile: Sohail Rana

Profile: Dr. Waheed Qureshi

Profile: Aslam Azhar

Film Review: Love ' 95

Book Review: Pura Chand Aur Adha Geet

Film Review: First Knight

Profile: A. Hameed

Women's right to divorce in Islam

Is there a conflict between Urdu and the regional languages in Pakistan?

Multi-splendoured folklore

Profile: Talat Husain

Interactive Teaching

Profile: Justice (Retd) Javed Iqbal

Profile: Fatima Surraya Bajiya

Profile: Pervez Malik

Profile: Dr. Mubarak Ali

In search of Jinnah

Profile: Mustansar Husain Tarrar

Profile: Nisar Bazmi

Obituary: Idries Shah

Album Review: Ik Larka Awara

Profile: Zameer Jafery

Book Review: Between Slogans of Communism and the Laws of Islam

Women: Feminism

Dramatis personae: Mahmood Ali

Dramatis personae: Qazi Wajid

Dramatis personae: Talat Husain

Obituary: Zia Sarhadi

Women: In religion's wake

Book Review: Der Der Thokar Khaye

Hamid Mian Kay Haan

Radio Station Hyderabad

Radio Station Peshawar

Book Review: Badlay Mausam

Women : Men are from Mars, women are from Venus - no more

Profile: Syed Afzal Hussain

Book Review: Khwab Farosh

Inner circles

Book Review: Talism

Women : History, she wrote

Living with difference

Book Review: A Concise History of the Muslim World

Book Review: Islamic Nationalism in India

Book Review: Forging Identities

Women : Debunking myths

Book Review: Iqbal's Reconstruction of Ijtehad

Literature for thrill seekers (Ibne Safi)

Women in Quran

The Life And Times Of Pakistan

Book Review: Aligarh's First Generation

Book Review: Bayaad-e-Sohbat-e-Nazuk Khayalan

Book Review: Jinnah Papers

Book Review: Selections from Persian Ghazals of Ghalib

Profile: T J Roberts

Book Review: Pakistan

100 Faces, Part 1 (collaborated)

Landmarks in P akistani film

Profile: Noor Jahan    

100 Faces, Part 2 (collaborated)

Film Review: Ghalib (Documentary)

Forgotten accounts (Review of Prof. Karrar Husain's writings on Ghalib)

Born again

Film Review: Qila

Film Review: Duplicate

Profile: Fatima Surayya Bajiya

The New Romantics

Divine Quartet (Iqbal's Search for God)

Three generations of film directors in Pakistan

Chronicle of 1998

Obituary: Hakim Said

Unflinching resolution

The quintessential story-teller

Women in Manto's stories

Profile: Kamal Ahmed Rizvi

Profile: Lateef Kapadia

The local scene

Wisdom begins at home

Discount Campaigns

Education is learning about personal development

Teacher-training in Pakistan: the Alternate Module

Islam and Sexuality


All that glitters is not gold

Primary Historical Sources

20th Century Naturalism

The Trial Of Reason

The Mystery of Alexander

Unveiling Jehangir

Alternate Reality


Messengers of malice

Akbar the Great



Helen of Troy



Cleopatra: The Doomed Pharaoh

Shahjehan: the rigid ruler

Muhammad Shah Rangeela

Interview: Anaida


Khanzadeh Begum: at the alter of sacrifice


Year 2K


Album Review: Chori Chori

Farah Kamal

What is romanticism?


Iqbal: In Search of Man's Destiny

Books I Will Never Foget

Suhandi: The Forgotten Queen of Sindh

Rajah Dahar of Sindh

Muhammad bin Qasim

History as an allegory

Abuse of History in Pakistan

The Hall of Souls

Mumtaz Mahal

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

Torchbearers of humanism

Dawn of the People

The '15 August' Controversy

Excerpts from Speeches delivered on August 14-15, 1947

Jinnah: A Politically Incorrect Appraisal

Ataturk: the man who dodged a World War

Women in Ataturk's Life

Rising Star: Flowing with the Tide

Iqbal's Relevance Today

Stray Reflections

Using Art for Politics

Anarkali: Fact or Fiction?

Alexaner's Epic Journey

Romeo and Juliet: An Immortal Love Story

The Onscreen Love of Shirin Farhad


The Reconstruction as commentary on Javidnama

The Inevitable Destination

Spiritual Democracy

New discoveries about the Reconstruction


The Mystery Behind Waheed Murad

Farewell, Pervez Malik

Iqbal: the Dream of Reality

Bhittai: the Visionary

Armaan of a nation

The spirit of all human beings

Something rich and strange

Conensus among the faithful

The long-term goal

For a common destiny

Respecting the law

A portrait of the artist as Waheed Murad

Of organic unity

Samandar, a parable?

From Pakistan, with Love

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