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DAWN Tuesday Review, c.1997

"Dramatis Personae: Qazi Wajid

“The best writers have never paid attention to this field. Good plays have always been in short supply. As a result, there emerged a strange form of theatre – that which you see as the commercial theatre today. It has totally changed the tastes of the audience. Now the serious audience does not go to see commercial theatre. Having said that, I would also add that this ‘something’ is still better than nothing at all. At least, there is something you can call by that name. On the sad side, however, the problem is that it hasn’t left any room for serious theatre, which will only bring you monetary loss.

“As far as ‘off-beat’ theatre is concerned, I have never been involved in that. It sounds pretty meaningless to carry on rehearsals for a month and then put up just a couple of shows.

“The government must do something to create interest in theatre. It will take time but it is not impossible. At present the Arts Council does everything except theatre. It even conducts theatre workshop but does not actually put up anything on stage.”

This brief interview appeared in an issue of Tuesday Review celebrating the 50 years of theater in Pakistan
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