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Interviews and Clippings

The following is a selected list of interviews of Khurram Ali Shfique and press reviews of his work.

Interviews and Profiles

2003, The Friday Times

2002, Dawn: A Different Point of View

1998, The Herald: Idolizing Iqbal

1994, The News International: A Writer and A Male Feminist


2010, Kitab Risala: The Republic of Rumi

2010, Dawn, Books & Authors: Shakespeare According to Iqbal

2008, The News International: Tele-film on Iqbal

2007, The News International on The Republic of Rumi: a Novel of Reality

2006, The News International on Iqbal - An Illustrated Biography

2003, Dawn: Iqbal Made Simple

2002, Dawn: The Chronicle of Pakistan

1997, Dawn: Preview of Iqbal's Biography

1997, Dawn: Parables of Love

Readers' Comments

Dawn, The Review

The Herald

Other Mentions in the Press

2010, Express Tribune: Discovering Waheed Murad's inspirations

2010, Dawn: NGOs want say in current educational scenario

2010, Dawn: Shakespeare Day celebrated

2010, Dawn: Iqbal Academy, studies and awards by Rauf Parekh

2007, Human Reource in Pakistan: Workshop

2006, Lahore College for Women University: Workshop on Javidnama

2004, Dawn: Ghalib and Iqbal Dominate the Year by Hasan Abidi

2001, Dawn: Shifting Sands by Maheen A. Rashdi

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