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The Life and Times of Iqbal is the Iqbal Studies chapter of the website It consists of the following sections.


A detailed biography of Dr. Sir Muhammad Iqbal (Allama Iqbal) based on the award-winning title, Iqbal: an Illustrated Biography (2006)


An up –to-date introduction to the works of Iqbal with links to texts and translations – you can read the entire canon of Iqbal’s writings online

Critical Appreciation

Original commentaries on selected portions of Iqbal’s poetry and prose


Encyclopedic introductions to personalities, places, ideas and books from the perspective of Iqbal – the range stretches from Quran to Rumi, and Shakespeare to modern arts…

A Novel of Reality

An interactive summary of the works of Iqbal

The Online Community

You can stay in touch with others of similar interest through mailing list and blogs is the official homepage of Iqbal Scholar, Khurram Ali Shafique. It is hoisted with the cooperation of Iqbal Academy Pakistan. Email:

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