The Republic of Rumi: A Novel of Reality
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The Republic of Rumi: a Novel of Reality

Chapter 58

The Five Wisdoms

By Khurram Ali Shafique

The Garden died on the appearance of Khizr and was reborn in ‘The Dawn of Islam’. Since that resurrection, it has become an inside-out world where invisibles can be seen. Hence you are now standing in a zone different from the one through which you entered. Is it possible that the Garden shall die again and be reborn to reveal other zones?

At least the five sets of poems in the second chamber seem to be describing five different zones in the Garden.

Zone 1 (Poems 1-15)

A new human being enters the Garden and is observed by the heavenly bodies, which are eager to see how the newcomer unravels the mysteries. Iqbal receives dewdrops from the skies and sprinkles them on the grass. He does not fear any more crusades between Christianity and Islam but suspects a new hazard lurking behind the scenes: greed is putting together a new show of imperialism. He warns you that whatever you see is real, so you better wake up.

Zone 2 (Poems 16-30)

Now angels are looking at you with the same eagerness as was shown by the moon and the stars in the previous zone.

Zone 3 (Poems 31-45)

The road appears to be lost in darkness until Iqbal makes a new path by splitting open the sky.

Zone 4 (Poems 46-60)

Reason, heart and vision seek separate rewards for themselves while the road is paved with thorns, travelers are barefoot and believers have become intoxicated with the wine of pagan knowledge.

Zone 5 (Poems 61-75)

Rulers pass away like leaves of grass, songbirds leave the Garden and neither Kabah nor the idol house is there anymore. It seems as if the world has come to a stop. The Poet bows down before himself.


  • Does the first set match your observations about the first zone of the Garden?

  • Does the second set match the second zone of the Garden and your discovery of Joseph?

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The last poem in the chamber forecasts what might be expected at the end of the Garden.
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