The Republic of Rumi: A Novel of Reality
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The Republic of Rumi: a Novel of Reality

By Khurram Ali Shafique

Part 7: Climax

Here the journey culminates on some possibilities about reconstructing the real world in the light of the lessons learnt in the Garden. This stage comprises of Chapters 91 to 111. The guide is Falcon (Chapter 91), which leads to the Republic of Rumi (Chapter 111).

91. The Falcon

91. The Falcon: The reader can see that it’s time to acquire a new method for discovering the secrets of the masters

92. The War of Rumi 92. The War of Rumi: Iqbal declares an ideological war against the present age
93. Mihrab Gul Afghan 93. Mihrab Gul Afghan: Twenty monologues from a self-respecting tribal who is about to be expelled from his land
94. The Battle Plan 94. The Battle Plan: Iqbal’s observations on the politics and economy of his times and his personal request to the Prophet
95. The Heart of Asia 95. The Heart of Asia: An impressionistic travelogue of Afghanistan
96. Hejaz 96. Hejaz: An imaginary journey to Hejaz, a message from the second caliph Umar Farooq to the present ruler of Egypt and an invitation from Iqbal to the Devil for turning this world into a veritable paradise
97. The Devil's Parliament 97. The Devil’s Parliament: The Devil makes his battle plan with his advisors
98. Unending Adventures 98. Unending Adventures: Like-minded people in Balochistan and Kashmir are becoming aware of the Devil’s battle plan
99. A Battle of Wits 99. A Battle of Wits: Confusion is the main weapon of the Devil and you can win the battle by removing the present confusions
100. The University of Barkhia 100. The University of Barkhia: The preface of The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam offers you the key for winning the war
101. Religious Experience 101. Religious Experience: Rationale of the first three stages of your journey explained through excerpts from the first three lectures of the Reconstruction
102. Reconstruction of Thought 102. Reconstruction of Thought: Rationale of the fourth stage of your journey explained through excerpts from the fourth lecture of the Reconstruction
103. Signs 103. Signs: Rationale of the fifth stage of your journey explained through excerpts from the fifth lecture of the Reconstruction
104. Three Things 104. Three Things: Rationale of the sixth stage of your journey explained through excerpts from the sixth lecture of the Reconstruction
105. Is Religion Possible? 105. Is Religion Possible? The reader receives a new perspective on a previous poem as well as the anticipated outcome of the journey
106. A New Beginning 106. A New Beginning: Iqbal invites the reader to embark on the same journey which Iqbal undertook in Javidnama
107. Allahabad 107. Allahabad: The reader realizes that Iqbal forecasted the destiny of his people
108. The Final Combination 108. The Final Combination: A major purpose of Iqbal’s ideal state turns out to be a union of religions
109. The Collective Ego 109. The Collective Ego: Iqbal’s ideal state could be much more than just a country
110. Did You Win? 110. Did You Win? Here the reader finds out whether he or she has won or lost the game
111. The Republic of Rumi 111. The Republic of Rumi: The reader prepares to leave the Garden of Poetry and return to the world outside

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The Republic of Rumi: a Novel of Reality (2007) is an interactive summary of the works of the Poet-Philosopher Dr. Sir Muhammad Iqbal (1877-1938), which can be traced back to the message and purpose of Rumi. It is a voice of hopefulness and a call for bringing a positive change.

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