The Republic of Rumi: A Novel of Reality
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The Republic of Rumi: a Novel of Reality

Chapter 74

The Enchantress

By Khurram Ali Shafique

Farzmurz abducted a simple and innocent maiden from Europe, and trained her in the art of prophecy. Then she was brought to Mars as if descending from the sky and claimed to be a prophet for the end of times.

In an open space outside the city, she is addressing a gathering of listeners. The Martian Astronomer translates her speech for in the language of the earth.

The Speech of the Temptress

Women, mothers, sisters! How long will you keep living as beloved? Friendship with the male rears misery for life, the union is fatal and distancing yourself from him is gratifying. He is a trickster, avoid this trouble and do not let his venom infect your blood. A mother’s face turns pale at the time she gives birth.

How wonderful life would be if you were free from the interaction of the bodies and free from the pangs of love.

Rumi’s Opinion

“See the outcome of a Godless civilization,” says Rumi. “Love is the only divine code of life. Religion is the basis of civilization and love is the foundation of religion. Love, apparently is heart burning and resembles fire but actually it contains the light of God. The inherent energy of love and its zeal helps prosper art and literature. Religion is incomplete without the etiquettes of love. Seek religion in the company of lovers.”

Even the perfect world of Marghdin can be vulnerable to threats from within.

  • How is the viewpoint of the temptress different from Barkhia?
  • How is Mars, the fourth planet, similar to or different from the fourth stage of your journey in the Garden?
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The ideal world of Mars is threatened by the denial of love.
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