The Republic of Rumi: A Novel of Reality
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The Republic of Rumi: a Novel of Reality

Chapter 84

Sixty-One Poems

By Khurram Ali Shafique

The second cluster of poems is addressed to humanity, Nature and the created world. There are sixty-one poems here.

The first poem is divided into six segments. Should the remaining sixty be divided into six sets? That will give you seven sets in all, and they may describe the stages of your journey from the perspective of the Wisdom of Love.

Poem 1

Sanai of Ghazna was the pioneer of Persian Sufi poetry and hence the predecessor of Nezami, Attar and Rumi.

On the invitation of the King of Afghanistan, the Poet visited the tomb of Sanai and imitated a well-known poem of the master in this six-segmented ode to the Prophet. “That Guide, the Last Prophet, the Lord of All, who bestowed the glow of the Burning Bush upon dust of the road,” says the Poet. “He is the beginning and the end in the eyes of Love and Ecstasy, he is the Quran and the Criterion, and he is Yasin and Ta-Ha.

Poems 2-11

Who is this composer of ghazals, burning passionate and cheerful? He brings a tinge of madness to the thought of the wise.

Poems 12-21

Seek reality check from Nature on whether you are on the track or have gone astray.

Poems 22-31

The morning breeze has whispered this message to me: those who get acquainted with the secrets of the self become ready to rule.

Poems 32-41

Either through miracle or sheer bad luck, the charm of the West has at last broken in the East.

Poems 42-51

Selfhood strengthened by knowledge is the envy of Gabriel. Selfhood strengthened by love is the trumpet of Raphael – which brings about resurrection of the dead.

Poems 52-61

The game is up. Rumi has won and Razi has lost.

Razi was one of the most famous names in the exegesis of the Quran.

  • Sarosh had said, “When I washed the medicine of Razi from my eyes I saw the destinies of nations hidden in the Book.” Can the present allusion to Razi contain the same idea?
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A set of sixty-one poems with some similarities to the second section of Persian Psalms.
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