The Republic of Rumi: A Novel of Reality
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The Republic of Rumi: a Novel of Reality

Chapter 104

Three Things

By Khurram Ali Shafique

Does the sixth lecture match the sixth stage of your journey?

Excerpt from Lecture VI

Humanity needs three things today—a spiritual interpretation of the universe, spiritual emancipation of the in­di­vidual, and basic principles of a universal import directing the evolu­tion of human society on a spiritual basis. Modern Europe has, no doubt, built idealistic systems on these lines, but experi­ence shows that truth revealed through pure reason is incapable of bringing that fire of living conviction which personal revelation alone can bring. This is the reason why pure thought has so little influenced men, while religion has always elevated individuals, and transformed whole societies.

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Rationale of the sixth stage of your journey explained through excerpts from the sixth lecture of the Reconstruction

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