The Republic of Rumi: A Novel of Reality
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The Republic of Rumi: a Novel of Reality

Chapter 37

The Mind of Europe

By Khurram Ali Shafique

Western Images is a picture galley on the other side of the Remaining Wine. It displays images of the West as they flashed upon Iqbal’s inward eye. The first is ‘The Message’ and consists of nine stanzas of five couplets each.


Iqbal asks the morning breeze to take his message to the intellectuals of the West.


Philosophy wanders through the desert and mountains without catching a single prey.


Reason turns dust into gold but also attempts to throw some of the dust into the eyes of Jesus.


The vulgar intellect becomes captive to its own thoughts while the penetrating intellect sees through nine skies.


Humanity leaps forward from the seclusion of Love and turns dark clay into mirror.


Love has now turned to the ways of lust, plunging its sword into the breasts of friends and giving the name of empire to plain robbery.


Monarchy is coming to an end and the age of conquerors is over. Joseph of the West comes out of the prison and sits on the throne after getting vindicated of false accusations. Old secrets are no longer restricted to the elite. Life is creating a new world and those who care to see can see this.


Iqbal sees that which is yet to come: a revolution too big for the universe’s mind.


Life is a running stream and is about to flow even faster. What has been but should not have been, shall not be. What should have been but has not, shall be.

Iqbal puts out the candle by way of announcing the advent of dawn after a dark night.

Joseph of the West has already come out but the problems of the world remain unsolved.


  • Did Joseph of the West not get a chance to set things right or is he waiting for his Eastern counterpart to join him?

  • Do the nine stanzas of ‘The Message’ correspond with the nine segments of the parable of the first chapter? ?

  • How does ‘The Message’ relate to the ideals presented in the first enclave of the Garden (Chapters 6-30)?

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This is the Poet’s message to the intellectuals of the West.
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