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Javid Nama

The fifth book is an epic that depicts the process of the formulation of a new world in the soul of humanity. The process has seven stages, respectively symbolized by Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and 'Beyond the Spheres'. Mawlana Rumi takes the Poet through a spiritual tour of these stations in search of immortality. The last stage is the Paradise where luminaries from other religions are also present, such as the ancient Hindu sage Bhartari Hari. The journey culminates in the Poet's private meeting with God where God defines nation as "thousands of eyes having a single vision". The destiny of humanity is revealed before the Poet on his request but he faints on beholding the vision. In the epilogue, he addresses his son Javid and the posterity from his grave – a subtle indication that he has attained the immortality he was looking for.


  Location in A Novel of Reality


RR 64

Prologue: Heavenly

RR 65

Prologue: Earthly

RR 66

Chapter 1: The Sphere of Moon

RR 67-69

Chapter 2: The Sphere of Mercury

RR 70

Chapter 3: The Sphere of Venus

RR 71-72

Chapter 4: The Sphere of Mars

RR 73-74

Chapter 5: The Sphere of Jupiter

RR 75

Chapter 6: The Sphere of Saturn

RR 76

Chapter 7: Beyond the Spheres

RR 77-80

To Javid (A Word With the New Generation)

RR 81

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