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The Gift of Hijaz

The ninth book is the final work of Iqbal's poetry and came out a few months after his death. The journey on which he took along the readers with him thus culminates on a gift from Hijaz (the part of Arabia associated with the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him). The gift is for everyone: the first part, which is in Persian, consists of five sections respectively addressed to (a) God; (b) the Holy Prophet; (c) the Muslim Nation; (d) the Humanity; and (e) the Like-Minded. The second part, consisting of Urdu poems, includes a vision of the Devil's "Parliament" asks his counselors to concentrate their work against the Muslim nation since Islam has the potential of challenging a diabolical and unjust world order on behalf of the entire humanity.


    Location in A Novel of Reality
To God RR 96-98
To the Prophet RR 96
To the Nation RR 96
  I am the Creative Truth
  Sufi and Mullah
  The Message of Farooq RR 96
  To the Arab Poet
  From this Dust, A Rider Comes
  Do You Know?
  Caliphate and Monarchy
  The Ottoman Turks
  To Daughters of the Nation
  The Modern Age
  Search for Food and Living
  A Crocodile to Its Young
To the Humanity RR 96
  Compulsion and Choice
  Say to the Devil RR 96
To the Like-Minded RR 96
Urdu Poems RR 97-98
  The Devil’s Parliament RR 97
  The Advice of the Old Baluch to His Son RR 98
  The Picture and the Painter
  The Purgatory
  The Dethroned King
  The Hymn of the Damned
  The Late Sir Ross Masood
  A Mysterious Voice
  The Poetic Notebook of Mullah Zaigham Lolabi of Kashmir RR 98
  To Sir Akbar Hydari, Prime Minister of Hyderabad Deccan
  Hussain Ahmad
  The Human Being RR 98

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