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The Call of the Marching Bell

The third book calls upon the readers to follow the Poet towards the new world foreseen in the previous work. Anthologizing a rich selection of poems from his earliest days (about fifteen years before the publication of the first book), the Poet offers a biography of his mind and traces the gradual transformation of his ideas – not as a process of discarding one idea for the sake of another but rather as a perpetual discovery of deeper layers contained in the same truth. Following the Poet through his personal journey and diverse readings of life and books, the readers arrive witness the natural culmination of the process through the appearance of the legendary guide Khizr who reveals the secrets of the new world that Nature has built for a new type of human being in the deepest recesses of life. In the last poem, 'The Dawn of Islam', this is presented as an inside-out world where moral values have become more effective than steel, the hidden forces of history stand revealed for those who dare. Tables have turned and those who were considered the least qualified have actually become the most suitable for grasping the new possibilities offered by this world. However, even in such a new and noble era, greed still lurks in the hearts of the oppressed as well as the oppressors, due to which they may fail to see the real potential of their times.


  Location in A Novel of Reality

Preface by Sir Abdul Qadir, Barrister at Law, Editor Makhzan

RR 39

Part 1 (Up to 1905)

RR 39-42

The Himalayas

RR 39

The Colorful Rose

The Age of Infancy

Mirza Ghalib

RR 39

The Mountain Cloud

A Spider and the Fly

RR 40

A Mountain and the Squirrel

RR 40

A Cow and the Goat

RR 40

The Child’s Prayer

RR 40


RR 40

A Mother’s Dream

RR 40

The Bird's Lament

RR 40

Interrogation of the Dead

The Candle and the Moth

The Reason and the Heart

A Cry of Pain

The Sun

The Candle

A Longing

The Sun at a Dawn

The Pathos of Love

The Withered Rose

The Tombstone of Syed

RR 41

The Crescent

The Human Being and Nature

The Message of Dawn

Love and Death

Piety and Vice

RR 41

The Poet

The Heart

The Ocean Wave

Farewell O World's Congregation

The Infant

The Picture of Grief

RR 41

Lament of Separation (Missing Thomas Arnold)

The Moon


The Story of the Human Being

The Indian Anthem

RR 41

The Glow-worm

The Morning Star

A National Anthem for Indian Children

The New Temple


The Cloud

A Bird and the Glow-worm

The Child and the Candle

On the Bank of the Ravi

The Traveler's Request

RR 42


Part 2 (1905-1908)

RR 42-43


The Reality of Beauty

The Message

Swami Rama Tirtha

Addressed to the Students of the Aligarh College

The Morning Star

Beauty and Love

On Seeing a Cat in the Lap of Someone

The Flower Bud

The Moon and the Stars


The Inconstant Lover

RR 42

Unsuccessful Effort

The Song of Grief

The Present Joy

The Human Being

Manifestation of Beauty

An Evening (On the Bank of River Necker, Heidelberg, Germany)

RR 42


The Message of Love


To Abdul Qadir


RR 42


RR 42

Part 3 (Since 1908)

RR 43-49

Islamic Cities

The Star

Two Stars

The Royal Cemetery

RR 43

The Appearance of Dawn

Based on a Verse of Anisi Shamlu

Philosophy of Grief

On Being Presented With A Flower

The Muslim Anthem

RR 43

Country as a Political Concept

RR 43

A Pilgrim on His Way to Madinah

The Complaint

RR 43

The Moon

The Night and the Poet

The Assembly of Stars

A Walk Through the Skies



RR 43

The Motor Car

The Human Being

An Address to the Youth of Islam

The Eid Crescent

The Candle and the Poet

RR 43

The Muslim (June 1912)

In Audience with the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him)

The Hejaz Hospital

The Answer to the Complaint

RR 43

The Saki

Education and its Consequences

RR 43

Nearness to Kings

In Response to the Request for Writing a Poem on Eid

The Poet


Announcement of the Dawn (1912)

Fatima Bint Abdullah (an Arab Girl who was martyred while serving water to the mujahideen in the Battle of Tripoli)

The Dew and the Stars

The Siege of Adrianople

A Dialogue

I And You

Based on a Verse of Abu Talib Kalim

Shibli and Hali



The Present Civilization

Based on a Verse of Faizi

In Memory of the Late Mother

RR 44

A Ray of the Sun

RR 44


In Reply to a Letter

Based on a Verse of Mir Razi Danish


Muslims and Modern Education (based on a verse of Malik Qumi)

The Flower Princess

RR 44

Based on a Verse of Saib

A Dialogue in Paradise

Religion (based on a verse of Mirza Bedil)

An Incident of the Battle of Yarmuk


Remain Attached to the Tree and Expect the Spring


RR 44

The Flower

RR 45


RR 45

I and You

The Beggar of Caliphate



RR 46-47

The Dawn of Islam

RR 48-49



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