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Gabriel's Wing

The structure of the sixth book is reminiscent of almost every book that has gone before, especially Persian Psalms, since there is similarity in the purpose of both works: the earlier work was supposed to prepare the reader to behold the overwhelming vision of Javid Nama whereas the present one offers a space for recuperation afterwards. The first part of the book consists of (a) a series of 16 monologues addressed to God; and (b) a series of 61 monologues addressed to the humanity. The second part consists of poems reflecting on various aspects of Nature, history and the contemporary world from a remarkably impartial perspective as if the reader is being asked to empathize with all nations of the world at least at this stage.


  Location in A Novel of Reality
[Part 1] R 82-84
1-16 RR 83
1-61 RR 84
[Quatrains] RR 85
[Part 2] RR 86
Prayer (written in the Mosque of Cordoba) RR 86
The Mosque of Cordoba (written in Spain, especially Cordoba) RR 86
Mutamid’s Lament In Prison RR 86
The First Date Palm Planted By Abdul Rahman I RR 86
Spain (written on departure from Spain) RR 86
Tariq’s Prayer (in the Battlefield of Andalusia) RR 86
Lenin (before God) RR 86
Song of the Angles RR 86
God’s Command (to His Angels) RR 86
Ecstasy (written mostly in Palestine) RR 87
The Moth and the Glow-Worm
To Javid
The Mullah and the Paradise
Church and State
The Earth is God's
To a Young Man
The Tulip of the Wilderness
Saki Nama RR 88
Angels Bid Farewell to Adam
Adam is Received by the Spirit of the Earth
The Mentor and the Disciple RR 88
Gabriel and the Devil RR 88
The Prayer-Call RR 88
A Fragment RR 88
The Star’s Message
To Javid (on receiving his first letter in London)
Philosophy and Religion
A Letter from Europe RR 89
Reply RR 89
At Napoleon’s Tomb RR 89
Mussolini RR 89
A Question
To the Punjab Peasant
Nadir Shah of Afghanistan RR 89
The Last Testament of Khush-hal Khan Khattak
The Tartar's Dream RR 90
Worlds Apart
Abu al ‘Ala al-Ma‘arri
Cinema RR 90
To the Punjab Pirs RR 90
The Self
Satan’s Petition
To the Head Teacher
The Philosopher RR 91
The Falcon RR 91
Rebellious Disciples RR 91
The Last Will of Harun Rashid
To the Psychologist
Freedom of Thought
The Lion and the Mule
The Ant and the Eagle

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