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The Allahabad Address

Iqbal proposed and predicted the birth of a Muslim state in North-West India as an initial practical step towards the creation of the new world order envisioned in his other works. He explained that the state was going to be a means for realizing the organic unity of humankind. In his opinion, it was threatened by two handicaps: (a) dearth of leaders with insight into the spirit as well as destiny of Islam and the trends of modern history; and (b) a speedy decrease in the collective instinct in the community. Against all odds, and under the able leadership of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the Muslim community of the sub-continent created the state through a fair and free election. Pakistan emerged on the map of the world in 1947 – just as Iqbal had foreseen seventeen years before, having the strengths he had promised and threatened by the weaknesses against which he had forewarned. What other possibilities lie hidden in the depths of Time is yet to be seen but may be understood better by achieving "a real collective ego." In English prose, originally distributed as printed text of the presidential address delivered at the annual session of All-India Muslim League in Allahabad on December 29, 1930.


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