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Persian Psalms

The fourth book is intended for purifying the souls of the nations so that they may also see the world as it appears to the Poet (who now assumes the status of a "qalandar"). The tools offered for this purpose are: (a) a series of 56 monologues addressed to God; (b) a series of 75 monologues addressed to humanity; (c) a summary of the Poet's worldview in the form of nine profound questions and their short answers pertaining to thought, knowledge, union, separation, self, selflessness, perfection, 'I'm the Creative Truth' and awareness; and (d) list of examples from the art and religion of slaves as compared to the art of the free people. The process involves the discovery of a unity between the individual ego (the reader), the collective ego of humanity and the Ultimate Ego (God). Freedom comes from realizing the relationship between these and slavery is a state where this relationship is abrogated due to the slave’s deference to rulers and false idols. Hence the book contains a timely warning for the emerging nations of the East that the fetters are on hearts and souls rather than on hands or feet.


  Location in A Novel of Reality

To the Reader

RR 50

Part 1 (Poems 1-56)

RR 50-55

Part 2 (Poems 1-75)

RR 56-60

The New Garden of Mystery (Questions 1-9)

RR 61

The Book of Slavery

RR 62

  • On the Fine Arts of Slaves: Music

RR 62

  • On the Fine Arts of Slaves: Painting

RR 62

  • On the Religion of Slaves

RR 62

  • On the Architecture of Free Peoples

RR 63

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