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What Should Now Be Done, O Nations of the East?

& Traveler

The eighth book invites all the nations of the East to become like a single organism so that they may replace the "Pharaonic Wisdom" currently prevailing in the world with "the Wisdom of Moses" and pave the way for a unity of humankind through economic, spiritual and political empowerment of everyone. In the second part of the book, the Poet travels into "the heart of Asia" – Afghanistan, according to him – and gives hints about the hidden implications of the messages of some of the sages whose tombs are visited in the journey.


    Location in A Novel of Reality
What Should Now Be Done, O Nations of the East? RR 94
  To the Reader of the Book
  Prelude RR 94
  Address to the World‑illuminating Sun
  The Wisdom of Moses RR 94
  The Wisdom of the Pharaohs RR 94
  No God, Except God
  The Free Man
  The Essence of the Religious Law
  Lament on the Differences among Indians
  Present-day Politics
  A Few Words to the Arab People
  What Should Then Be Done, O People of the East? RR 94
  To the Prophet RR 94
The Traveler RR 95
  Prelude RR 95
  Address to People of the Frontier RR 95
  The Traveler Enters Kabul and visits the Mausoleum
of the late Martyr King
  At the Tomb of the Heaven-Resting Babur RR 95
  Visiting Ghazni and Showing Reverence to Hakim Sanai RR 95
  Sanai’s Spirit Speaks from Heaven
  At the Tomb of Sultan Mahmood RR 95
  Supplication of Frenzied One
  Seeing Prophet’s Garb at Qandhar RR 96
  The Chant
  At the Mausoleum of Ahmad Shah Baba (Abdali), the Founder of the Afghan Nation RR 96
  To the King of Islam Zahir Shah RR 96





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