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The Message of the East

The second book informs the reader that Nature itself has started created in the deepest recesses of life a new type of human being and a new world for him – apparently the same as envisioned by the Poet in the previous book. Glimpses of this new world are offered in poems where Rumi, Goethe and other poets of East and West hold conversations in heavens – something that seemed remarkably unusual at that time but which has become an apt analogy for the kind of cultural exchanges that have been happening since then. Envisioning these changes in the near future, the poet has compiled this book as a loving response to the Divan of the German poet-philosopher Goethe composed almost a hundred years earlier. Historically, the book also marks the cut-off point where the "tutelage" of the West, accepted by the East in the nineteenth century, must come to an end. Europe, partially due to its conservatism and partially due to dilapidation of the life forces after the First World War (1914-18), is unlikely to grasp the significance of the brave new world while the East, especially the Muslim East, apparently seems to be naturally suitable for taking the lead since it has reawakened after a long slumber – just like Germany of a century before.


  • Preface
  • Dedicatory Epistle
  • The Tulip of Sinai (Quatrains)
  • Reflections
  • The Remaining Wine (Ghazals)
  • Western Images
  • Trifles
  Location in A Novel of Reality
Preface RR 31
Dedicatory Epistle to King Amanullah Khan of Afghanistan RR 32
The Tulip Of Sinai RR 33
Reflections RR 34-38
The First Rose
A Prayer
The New Moon of Eid
Conquest Of Nature RR 34
The Perfume Of The Flower RR 34
The Song of Time RR 34
Eternal Life
Reflections of the Stars
A Dialogue Between Knowledge And Love
Song of the Stars
The Morning Breeze
The Falcon’s Advice To Its Youngster
The Bookworm and the Moth
The Tulip
Philosophy and Poetry
The Glow-Worm
Song of the Camel-Driver
The Raindrop and the Sea
A Dialogue Between God And Man
The Young Fish and The Eaglet
The Glow-Worm
Live Dangerously
The World of Action
The Wisdom of the West
The Houri And The Poet
Life and Action (In Reply to a Poem of Heine)
God’s Country
The Stream RR 35
Alamgir’s Letter (to one of his sons who used to pray for the father’s death)
The Riddle of the Sword
To A Muslim Missionary in England
Ghani Kashmiri
Lines Addressed to Mustafa Kamal Pasha RR 36
The Aeroplane RR 36
Love RR 36
Civilization RR 36
The Remaining Wine (Ghazals) RR 36
Western Images RR 37-39
A Message to the West RR 37
The League of Nations
Schopenhauer and Nietzsche RR 37
Philosophy and Politics
An Assemblage in the Other World RR 37
Jalal and Hegel RR 37
Petöfi (A young poet of Hungary who died in battle defending his country and no earthly memorial of whom exists, as his body could not be found)
Dialogue between Auguste Comte and the Labourer
Jalal And Goethe RR 37
Bergson’s Message
The Wine-Shop of the West
Dialogue between Lenin and Kaiser Wilhelm
Philosophers RR 37
Poets RR 37
The Tavern of The West
A Word to England
Division between the Capitalist and the Labourer
The Labourer’s Song
The Freedom of the Sea

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