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The Chronicle of Pakistan
Compiled by Khurram Ali Shafique
with special thanks to Aqeel Abbas Jafferi
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Jan 1 Representative Ahmed Shah Patras Bukhari takes charge of responsibilities in UN, SC

Jan 2 Lahore Ordinance Clothing Factory strike ends

Jan 26 Visiting EP, PM Nazimuddin reasserts that Urdu alone will be national language

Feb 4 Sikander Ali Shah formally becomes 7th pir of Hurs, titled Pir of Pagara. Politicians take interest in this new gaddi

Mar 14 Constituent Assembly sessions (27 sittings)

Apr Pakistan’s turn to preside over UN SC for 1 month

Jun  2nd Basic Principles Committee’s report

Sep Recently set up Karachi University starts classes in Philosophy at a makeshift campus near Civil Hospital under Prof. A.B. Haleem, VC, and Dr. M.M. Ahmad, Head of the Dept

Autumn Defense Secretary Iskander Mirza and C-in-C General Ayub Khan visit Ankara to hold a meeting with the US Under-Secretary for Defense.

Nov 12-25 Constituent Assembly sessions (11 sittings)


Jamshed Nusserwanji
(b. 1886)
philanthropist, the 1st & longest serving mayor of Karachi, theosophist
(Jan 7)

Ustad Jhanday Khan
music master (Jan 7)

Ahmed Ullah Ajmeri
film cameraman

Arzoo Lucknavi
(Apr 16)


Police kills Bengali students

February 21. One of the saddest incidents in the history of the young Pakistan occured here in Dacca today as police opened fire on a procession of students who demonstrating against the January 26 statement of the Prime Minister. Eight students are reported dead.

Will this act of violence put an end to the language issue or immortalise it forever?

The Bengali language debate

March. East Pakistan Assembly has passed resolution for making Bengali national language alongwith Urdu.

The issue of language had been a bone of contention between the two wings since the Quaid-i-Azam's first visit to Dacca in early 1948 when the founder declared in no uncertain words that Pakistan will have only a single national language, and that will be "Urdu, Urdu, and only Urdu!"

While the East rejoices, a dominant section of the Western wing reacts strongly, considering it as a "cowardly" retreat of the federation against the outcry that followed the last month's massacre of students in the East Pakistan.

Visa versa

May 15: Indo-Pakistan conference held in Karachi to consider the implementation of the passport and visa system between the two countries

URDU endangered?

A strong reaction is emerging in the West wing to the East Bengal provincial assembly's decision to make Bengali second national language (along with Urdu), dubbing such language demands  from Bengal as treason against Pakistan and a threat to the existence of Urdu.

A section of journalists has also demanded removal of two non-native Urdu speakers from the editorship of English newspapers including Dawn.

dalda.jpg (15149 bytes)

Monopoly power

Pakistan adopts strict import tariffs giving a virtual monopoly to the developing manufacturing industry in its domestic market. These steps are desired to help create a class of industrial enterpreneurs.

Five Year Food Plan

The Government has responded to the food shortages in the country by modifying its development programs - a new Five-Year Food Plan has been devised.

Woman presides over parliament session

March 18. Begum Jehanara Shanawaz, the first woman member of  former All India Muslim League and a senior parliamentarian, becomes the first Asian woman to preside over a parliament session. She is the daughter of Sir Muhammad Shafi, veteran Muslim politician of the British period and a close associate of Allama Iqbal. Her husband Sir Shahnawaz also played an important role in the British India, while her daughter Nasim Akbar Khan (wife of Maj. General Akbar Khan), is also an activist and currently in jail for the Rawalpindi conspiracy.

Helsinki Olympics

olympic.JPG (7874 bytes)July 19 - August 3. Pakistan hockey team loses semi-final to Holland. Stands 4th after losing 3rd position to England

Voice from Balochistan

Gul Bang, poetry anthology of Mir Gul Naseer, a pioneer work in Balochi literature, laments the exclusion of the Baluchi from mainstream life.


October. Abdul Hafeez Kardar leads Pakistan Cricket team on tour to India for series of 5 test matches


December 22, Lahore. Dast-e -Saba, the second anthology of the imprisoned poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz launched in a well-attended ceremony, the first for any Urdu book so far, at Argentina Hotel, Mall Rd.

Songs remembered
Baat hi baat mien: Dopatta

Chandni ratain: Dopatta

Tum zindagi ko: Dopatta

Mein ban patang: Dopatta

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