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The Chronicle of Pakistan
Compiled by Khurram Ali Shafique
with special thanks to Aqeel Abbas Jafferi
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Jan Bhutto boycotts Lahore High Court proceedings

Jan Katchi abadis (squatter settlements) existing on or before Jan 1978 to be regularised; KMC sets up directorate to survey, plan and regularise kacthi abadis

Mar 2 LHC concludes hearing of Kasuri murder case; reserves judgement (see Mar 18)

Mar 25 Bhutto and other defendants file appeal against LHC decision in Supreme Court

Apr Sirdar Daud is ousted in a leftist coup in Kabul; fear of expansion of Soviet influence in the region brings more importance to Pakistan in the Western eyes

Jun France cancels nuclear reprocessing plant deal with Pakistan

Jun 11 Altaf Hussain, student of pharmacy at Karachi University, launches All Pakistan Mohajir Students Organisation

Jul 25 Zia regim publishes White Paper on recent elections, accusing Bhutto of rigging

Jul 30 Justuce Qaiser Ali Khan, SC judge hearing Bhutto's appeal, retires

Sep 15 President Fazal Ilahi passes ordinance authorising Chief Martial Law Administrator (CMLA) to nominate president

Oct First Pakistan-India test match in 18 years, held in Faisalabad, ends in tie

Oct 27 - Nov 1 Second test between Pakistan and India at Lahore; Pakistan win by 8 wickets

Oct US aid to Pakistan resumes

Nov 14 - 19 Pakistan win third test in the Pak-India series at National Stadium, Karachi


Ibrahim Jalees:

Ibne Insha:
humorist, poet

Ustad Allah Bakhsh:
master landscape painter

Sufi Ghulam Mustafa Tabassum:


A word of advice

January British Prime Minister advises Pakistan to refrain from setting up nuclear reprocessing plant

Judgement Day

March 18 The Lahore High Court has sentenced Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and other defendants in the Kasuri murder case to death, under section 120-b and 302 of the Pakistan Penal Code. Bhutto must also pay 25,000 rupees compensation or undergo six months rigorous imprisonment. The judgement has been drafted by Justice Aftab Hussain.

Press under fire

In the face of renewed pressure on the press and journalists, the PFUJ and APNEC have launched an agitation campaign. Several journalists who gathered from all over the country to participate in a hunger strike at the offices of the banned paper, Musawat, have been forced onto planes by the authorities and sent back. Some have even been awarded severe punsihments by speedy courts.

Journalists flogged

May 13 Journalists flogged for protesting against press regulations: Masudullah Khan, Iqbal Jaffri, Khawar Naeem Hashmi, Nasir Zaidi


The US position

June. US Secretary of State Cyrus Vance has clarified the three major points in the US position on Pakistan to the Pakistani Foreign Minister Agha Shahi. (1) The US is concerned over the communist influence in Afghanistan and willing to send its high-level official to Pakistan for discussing the situation; (2) the territorial integrity of Pakistan - as of all countries - were important to the US in view of the UN Charter and the CENTO; but (3) the differences between the US and Pakistan over Pakistan's projected nuclear reprocessing plant must be resolved; if these were resolved, the US economic and military aid could resume or even be enhanced and US might sell arms to Pakistan again.

The tough US position on the nuclear issue dampens General Zia's hopes for gaining wholesale American sympathies in view of the growing Russian influence in Afghanistan. Conspicuously, the US government has refrained from placing on the agenda the bad human rights record of General Zia or the absence of democracy in Pakistan. This despite the fact in the US there is a general outcry in the media and among the public on these issues.

From Russia, with love...

July Ghulam Ishaq Khan, who recently headed a high-level delegation to Moscow, says the country's relationship with the Soviet Union is a "basic principle" of Pakistan's foreign policy.

Cabinet in place

August 23 President Fazal Ilahi administers oath of office to members of the civilian cabinet, including Ghulam Ishaq Khan, A.K.Brohi , Mahmood Haroon, Mohammad Khan Junejo (above right), Sharifuddin Pirzada, Mohammad Ali Hoti and Professor Ghafoor Ahmad (left).

A suitable man?

September 16 After nominating himself president, General Zia takes oath of office today. He has promised to step down "as soon as a suitable man is found" for the job.

Provincial martial law administrators will be appointed governors.

Silk route

Karakoram Highway, linking Northern Areas with China, was inaugurated on June 18.

Government offices directed to write
'bismillah-e- rehman-ir-rahim'
at the beginning of all correspondence

Golden days

Under Islahuddin, Pakistan retain hockey gold at the Bangkok Asian Games and reclaim the Hockey World Cup at Buenos Aires.


December 28 Poet Josh Malihabadi has been blacklisted from radio and television because of a controversial interview on religion and Pakistan published in the rightist monthly, Zindagi. The interview is said to have been given to Radio Pakistan in 1974, with permission for posthumous broadcasting only. Mahmood Azam Farooqui, Jamaat-e-Islami affiliated information minister, is suspected to have instigated its publication ahead of time.

Songs remembered
Yeh saath kabhi na chhootay ga (Eik Chehra Do Roop)
Baant raha thha jab Khuda (Nazrana)
Tera mera koi na koi (Playboy)
Yeh hari bhari abadiyan (Awaz)
Tu mere pyar ka geet hai (Awaz)

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