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The Chronicle of Pakistan
Compiled by Khurram Ali Shafique
with special thanks to Aqeel Abbas Jafferi
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Jan 1 Soldiers appointed to guard Quaid’s Mausoleum

Jan 3 Pakistan apoligizes for players’ behaviour at 1972 Munich Olympics

Jan 8 Reception of Rumanian President Ceaucescu transmitted live via satellite to Rumania

Feb 11 New Zealand beats Pakistan by 22 runs in first one day match in Christchurch (New Zealand)

Feb 28 United Democratic Front (UDF) formed: coalition of all opposition parties except Asghar Khan’s Tehrik-e-Istaqlal

Mar 14 UDF office bearers announced; Pir Pagara, president; Nawabzada Nasrullah Khan and Mufti Mahmood, vice president; Professor Ghafoor Ahmed, general secretary

Mar 22 Nissan, first jeep with 90 percent parts manufactured in Pakistan, presented to President Bhutto

Mar 23 UDF session at Liaquat Bagh, Rawalpindi, disrupted with firing; nine dead, 75 injured; UDF blames PPP workers

Mar 24 UDF boycotts NA session in protest against Liaquat Bagh shooting; government bans political activities in Punjab until constitution is completed

Apr 10 NA approves constitution; 125 of 128 members vote in its favour, 3 abstain

Apr 12 Bhutto signs Constitution

Jul National Development Finance Corporation begins operation with paid-up capital of 100 million rupees

Jul First Senate elected

Jul Bhutto talks with NAP leaders to restore NAP-JUI government in Balochistan end in failure

Jul 20 UDF observes "Balochistan Day" to protest against suppression of democratic rights in province

August 4 Baghban, the first tractor to be manufactured entirely in Pakistan this April, is presented to President Bhutto

Aug 10 Chaudhry Fazal Ilahi elected president under new Constitution

Aug 14 Baloch leaders, including Mengal, arrested under Article 280 of newly enforced constitution

Aug 26 India agrees to repatriate POWs and civil detainees; terms for release of 195 military personnel wanted for war crimes to be decided later; Pakistanis living in Bengladesh and Bengalis living in Pakistan to be transferred

Sep 19 First batch of Pakistani POWs return

Dec 12 Foundation stone of Karachi Steel Mills laid by PM Bhutto


Hafeez Hoshiarpuri:

Mumtaz Shireen:
novelist, critic

Allama Ibne Hasan Jarchvi:
scholar, educationist



January. Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, the seasoned leader from the N.W.F.P. has been confined by the government to his village. He has just returned from eight-year exile in Kabul.

Woman governor

January 14 Rana Liaquat Ali Khan appointed Governor Sindh, first woman governor of Pakistan

Insurgency in Balochistan

January. Federal troops ordered to counter insurgency in Balochistan

Cache and carry

February 10 The Iraqi consulate is raided to confiscate illegal ammunition smuggled from Russia. Involvement is suspected in the recent Balochistan and NWFP uprisings.

Balochistan government dismissed

February 13 Presidential rule is imposed on Balochistan. The Mengal government is dismissed on charges of involvement in the Iraqi consulate arms smuggling scandal.

The axe falls on the NWFP

February 15 The NWFP Governor Arbab Sikander Khan Khalil and Balochistan Governor Ghous Bakhsh Bizenjo have been dismissed, accused of involvement in the Iraqi consulate conspiracy. Chief Minister NWFP Mufti Mahmood of the JUI has resigned in protest.

The plot thickens

March 30. 59 military personnels arrested for conspiring since August 20 last year to overthrow the Bhutto regime.

Brigadier Ziaul Haq

July 9 A brigadier, namely Ziaul Haq, will be heading the court martial of 59 conspirators (March 30) in Attock Fort

Exports have recorded a growth of 38 per cent over the last fiscal year, apparently as a result of the devaluation of the Pak Rupee.

Jul 10. National Assembly authorizes Bhutto to recognize Bangladesh.

A New President

August 10 Chaudhry Fazal Ilahi (far right) elected president under new Constitution, as Zulfikar Ali Bhutto shifts to the executive role of the Prime Minister.

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A New Constitution

August 14 The Permanent Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is formally enforced today. It provides fundamental rights which are currently suspended due to the state of emergency, declared during 1965 war and never revoked afterwards. The Objectives Resolution forms the preamble to the new Constitution.

Apparently in response to the UN Conference on the Human Environment (popularly called the Stockholm Conference) last year, a subject titled "environmental pollution and ecology" has been included as Item 24 of the Concurrent Legislative List permitting both the provincial and federal governments to make laws on such issues.


September The government has nationalised more industries including vegetable oil industries, life insurance, shipping, cotton and rice export marketing.


Masood Mahmood is appointed second Director-General of the newly formed Federal Security Force.

Far from home?

On the eve of the second anniversary of the fall of Dhaka, there are still more than 50,000 Beharis stranded in Bangladesh who refuse to accept Bengladeshi nationality.

Iqbal Centenary in India

India celebrates Iqbal Centenary this year, since Allama Iqbal's date of birth is widely accepted as 23 February 1873. There are no preparations in Pakistan, however, because here the date is bitterly contested. The government has set up a commission to submit a report about the correct date of birth.

Getting Awami

While some welcome the newfound assertiveness of the working class -- taxi drivers now ask your destination before letting you into the cab -- there are others who lament the disruption of the status quo.

Meanwhile, the socialist rhetoric of the new Bhutto regime has repercussions in the sartorial arena, as the 'Awami suit' becomes all the rage among the common people as well as the elite.

Finding a voice

The Bhutto years have seen a marked shift in musical tastes. Althogh Fareeda Khanum and Iqbal Bano rule the ghazal scene, folk music, kaafis and qawwalis have also captured the imagination. Reshma, Pathanay Khan, the Sabri brothers, Aziz Mian and Alam Lohar -- Pakistani music is out in all its diversity.

KARACHI by night

Excelsior, Palace Hotel, the Taj, Toby's bar, the Casbah... Karachi's night life has become the envy of the region. Bars, nightclubs and dance halls have sprouted across the city, with Saddar as the hub of all the naughty nocturnal activity. Exotic cabaret artists are descending on the city in droves from countries as far apart as the Phillipines and Turkey, with more than a smattering of sultry home-grown talent from Karachi's very own Preedy Street.

Height of passion

Sadequain paints the Lahore Museum ceiling, living and working in the building for six months.

Songs remembered
Bhola bhola mera naam (Nadan)
Tera saya jahanbhi ho (Gharana)
Likhdijay ik piyarki (Mulaqat)
Aaj janay ki zid na karo (Badal Aur Bijli)
Kal bhi tumsay piyar (Khwab Aur Zindagi)
Bol ri gudya bol zara (Aas)
Aisi chal mein chaloon (Anmol)
Dilki dhadkan madham madham (Jaal)
Tu husn ki devi hai (Kubda Aashiq)
Chehray pay banawat ka ghussa (Baharone Ki Manzil)
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