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The Chronicle of Pakistan
Compiled by Khurram Ali Shafique
with special thanks to Aqeel Abbas Jafferi
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Jan Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, former Minister for Basic Democracies is appointed Foreign Minister on death of Bogra

Jan 3 Tarjumanul Quran banned for 6 months

Jan 7 President Ayub promulgates the Political Parties (Amendment) Ordinance sanctioning a two-year imprisonment for any disqualified politician participating in political activities. Another ordinance gives the President the power to pardon or reduce punishment in such cases.

Mar Muhibullah Khan (Senior) scores his 1st victory at British Open Squash Championship

Apr 20 Foreign Minister Bhutto lays down foundation stone of atomic reactor at Nilor, 15 miles from Islamabad

Aug West Pakistan Press and Publications Ordinance issued, giving the government unusual powers over the press


Mohammad Ali Bogra: Foreign Minister, former PM (Jan)

Ustad Barkat Ali Khan: master of eastern classical music (Jul 19)

Maulvi Tameezuddin
(b. 1889):
polictician, speaker of national assembly

Allama Mashriqi (b. 1888):
founder of Khaksar movement
(Aug 25)

Foreign Minister Bhutto with Chairman Mao Tse Tung in Peking

Towards China?

March 2. Pakistan has signed a boundary agreement with China that is likely to foster warm relations between the two countries, especially in the wake of the Sino-Indian cold conflict that almost erupted in war last year

All the king’s men?

A Special National Assembly committee has examined the report of Franchise Commission, which suggested adult franchise for legislatures, even though retaining indirect election of the President for future election. The Committee decides that indirect elections for legislature as well as President are in the better interests of the country. Basic Democracy elections are to be held 6 months before the Presidential Elections 1965.

Tight-fitting kurta and pajamas, stiletto heels, bouffant hair and lots of attitude define the teddy girl of the 60's

Green Revolution

"Facilitated by the development of water resources in the public and private sectors; incentives through price support and subsidies on inputs like fertilizers; and the spread of new seeds of wheat and rice," the agriculture sector experiences a 'green revolution'. "There may also have been some effect of land redistribution policies of the early 60's which favoured capitalist agriculture and threatened feudal tenancy arrangements." (Mahmood Hasan Khan in Foundations of Pakistan's Political Economy (1992))

Experimental television

January 31. Today was the last day of the experimental television station set up by the Phillips Electrical Company of Pakistan in the Industrial Fair that started in Karachi in October last year.

The display has generated considerable interest among the people.

Mussarat Nazeer (left) in memorable Kartar Singh 4 years ago.

Heart-throb leaves country

Mussarat Nazeer shocks the film industry and breaks countless hearts by emigrating to Canada after marrying a doctor at the height of her popularity. Her last film Bahadur is left unfinished.

Raj Kapoor lookalike receives acceptance

Kamal, whose Tauba has become a big success has striking resemblance with the Indian superstar Raj Kapoor, and he is not evasive about this issue. "People used to mistake me for Raj Kapoor while I was [in Bombay]," he says.

Abdullah Husain's latest novel Udas Naslain has received critical acclaim.


October. The National Publicity Conference convened under President Ayub's chairmanship has hammered out a master plan for electronic media in the country.

In his inaugural address, President Ayub has emphasized, "the common man is pre-occupied with his immediate day-to-day problems. His mind had to be lifted from the mundane level to the level of national needs and requirements." Which, of course, means that "it has to be inspired with the philosophy underlying various government policies."

Songs remembered
* Dil deta hai ro ro duhai (Ishq per Zore Nahin)
* Yeh kaisa gham hai (Jab Say Dekha Hai Tumhein)
* Saman jab piyara piyara ho (Maa Kay Ansoo)
* Ab yahan koi nahin aye ga (Baji)
* Na chhura sako gay daman (Daman)
* Bhool jao gay tum (Seema)
* Aye dil kissi ki yaad mein (Ik Tera Sahara)

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