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The Chronicle of Pakistan
Compiled by Khurram Ali Shafique
with special thanks to Aqeel Abbas Jafferi
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Jan 2 Abbassi Shaheed Hospital, Karachi, inaugurated

Jan 2 Daily Star banned for 60 days

Feb 1 Allama Iqbal’s date of birth officially announced to be November 9, 1877

Mar 25 Pakistan's first ground satellite station inaugurated at Deh Mundro, 48 kilometres from Karachi, connecting Pakistan with 68 countries via telephone, telex, tele-printer and wire photo

Apr Bhutto visits France to settle deal for purchase of reprocessing plant

Apr 5-9 Representatives of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh meet; 195 POWs to be released unconditionally

Apr 30 Last batch of Pakistani POWs arrives

Jun 27-29 PM Bhutto leads first Pakistani delegation to Bangladesh, including poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz

Jul 29 NA Speaker overrules resolution moved by Opposition to condemn PM Bhutto for offering flowers on the memorial of Bangladeshi "freedom fighters" during recent visit to Bangladesh

Oct 15 Pakistan, India resume communication via telephone, telegraph and telex – suspended since 1971 War

Oct 17 Postage service between Pakistan, India resumed

Oct 27 Pakistan, India resume visas for air travel, to commence from Nov 18

Nov 18 Air travel between Pakistan, India resumes

Asian Television Service (ATS) closed down; it was set up in 1967 by an agreement between Pakistan Television and a German film production company



New measures

January 1 Metric system of weights and measures introduced; kilogram and litre instead of seer and gallon.

In pursuance of its nationalization policy, the government has also nationalized the banks, while shipping and oil trades are expected to follow soon.

February 22 Pakistan recognizes Bangladesh

"Our resources are your resources"

Addressing a mammoth crowd at the Qaddafi Stadium, Lahore, Libyan President Colonel Muammar Qaddafi declared that Libya stands ready to sacrifice its blood if Pakistan were ever threatened. He declared, "Our resources are your resources."

Islamic Summit

February 22-24 Second Islamic Summit gets underway, attended by 38 Muslim countries, with the exception of Iran. The Lahore Declaration, the most valuable outcome of this massive conference, outlines measures to achieve the aims of the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC), outlines measures to achieve the aims of OIC with special emphasis on the need for an Islamic Development Bank.

Behind bars

March The court martial headed by Brigadier Ziaul Haq has pronounced verdict on 19 accused in the Attock conspiracy case: confinements ranging from 3 years to life in prison have been awarded.

Pak- China summit

May Chairman Mao Tse Tung gives Bhutto a warm welcome on arrival in China.

They come for the Ahmedis

June Anti-Ahmedi riots are rocking Punjab once again. This time, however, the protest is even more violent than in the 1950's. While orthodox religious leaders demand that Ahmedis be declared non-Muslims, more moderate observers point to deeper grudges that lurk underneath the surface. The anti-Amedi campaign attacks the wealth and social status of many Ahmedis, claiming this is part of an international conspiracy to promote heretics and put down pious Muslims.

Wali Khan declares war

July Wali Khan, the most important political leader in the NWFP, seems to have reached the end of his patience. Refering to the Bhutto regime's sacking of the NAP-JUI government, the Pakhtoon leader is reported to have announced at a public gathering that the time for appeals has passed and his followers will now meet force with force.

September 10 National Assembly declares Ahmedis non-Muslims.

Changing faces

The growing influence of feudal elements in the PPP has alienated some of its more progressive members, including J.A.Rahim, Dr. Mubashir Hassan and Khurshid Hassan Mir, who have all been sidelined.

November 18 Air travel between Pakistan, India resumes.

Reprocessing plant

October 18 Pakistan Atomic Energy Comission signs deal with Saint Gabon Techniques Nouvelle, France, for purchase of Atomic Reprocessing Plant.

White Paper blacks out the truth

October 19 The federal government has issued a White Paper on Baluchistan, claiming that the situation in that province is now normal and the army will be withdrawn in the near future. According to unofficial estimates, some 80,000 to 100,000 army personnel have been deployed in the province since trouble first broke out in Lasbela nearly two years ago. The White Paper also states that 5,501 rebels have surrendered, and 385 killed. These figures are disputed by the NAP. Meanwhile, three major NAP leaders, Mengal, Marri and Bizenjo are still in prison.

Prime suspect?

November 9 Nawab Muhammad Ahmad Khan, father of dissident PPP MNA Ahmad Raza Kasuri, is killed as stray bullets hit him instead of his son who was perhaps the actual target. Kasuri directly names PM Bhutto in the from guns which are possessed only by members of the Federal Security Force hit him instead of his son who was perhaps the actual target. Kasuri directly names the Prime Minister Bhutto (above left) in the FIR.

Blood feud

November 20 Ahmed Raza Kasuri arrives at the National Assembly, carrying the blood-soaked shirt of his father and a bottle filled with his blood, vowing to avenge the murder.

Hum Mustafavi hain...

February As Pakistan prepares to host the Second Islamic Summit in Lahore, the militaristic pan-Islamic anthem written by Jamiluddin Aali, composed by Sohail Rana and sung by Mahdi Zaheer, dominates the airwaves.

Asian Games

Pakistan retains hockey gold at Tehran Asian Games under Rasheed Junior

Key to success?

The emergence of a high society 'key club' with even certain members of the cabinet as eager players of the game catches titillation and speculation. Wife swapping is the main sport in this club and the rules are simple: car keys are placed in a hat and the women are asked to dip into this stash; the wives are driven off by the owner of the vehicle rather than their husbands at the end of the evening. (Contributed by Talat Aslam)

Bombs away

May 18 A seismic jolt is recorded in parts of Sindh, close to the Indian border in Rajasthan. This marks India's first successful nuclear test. Pakistan is now likely to speed up efforts to acquire its own reprocessing plant, escalating the pace of the nuclear arms race in the region.

Songs remembered
Dillagi mein aisi dil ko lagi (Dillagi)
Kertay hain mohabbat sab hi magar (Tum Salamat Raho)
Do shermilay nain (Chahat)
Tak dhinandhin (Aina Aur Soorat)
Thodi thodi si piaz dalo (Bhoool)
Her dhakan mein jaag uttha hai (Dushman)

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