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The Chronicle of Pakistan
Compiled by Khurram Ali Shafique
with special thanks to Aqeel Abbas Jafferi
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Jan 1 Strike observed in Pakistan in protest against theft of Holy Prophet’s hair from Hazrat Bal shrine in Srinagar in Indian-held Kashmir

May 24 Indian backed Kashmiri politician Sheikh Abdullah, visiting Pakistan to propose solutions for Kashmir issue, is refused support for his ideas; Ayub-Nehru summit planned for next month

Aug 19 President Ayub announces decision to contest forthcoming presidential elections

Oct 24 Khalid Ibadullah becomes 1st Pakistani to score a hundred in his debut test match, at Karachi against Australia

Nov 20. Eik Dil Do Divanay, fisrt color movie from West Pakistan; produced by Q.Zaman, processed in Evergreen Labortatories

Dec 4 Dacca-made Karavan released, first Pakistani film to be shot in a foreign land, Nepal. Producor M.Sadiq for Labdhak Productions; music Robin Ghosh; director S.M.Pervaiz; *ing Shabnam, Haroon, Tarana, Badruddin

Dec 25 Pakistan’s 2nd television station opens at Dacca Pakistan’s 2nd television station opens at Dacca


Khwaja Nazimuddin,
ex-PM (Oct)


Mother of the nation will fight the dictator 

September 18. Combined Opposition Parties (COP) stuns Ayub’s camp by nominating Miss Fatima Jinnah, popularly called "Mother of the Nation" as presidential candidate for the elections to be held in Jan, 1965. The 9 point program of COP includes restoration of direct elections, adult franchise, democratization of 1962 Constitution

Jamaat changes views on women rulers

After suffering a brief ban, the Jamaat-e-Islami does an about-turn on its established dogma of not accepting the leadership of a woman and supports Miss Fatima Jinnah for head of state against Ayub Khan.

Foul is fair?

November. A round of political meetings with the Basic Democrats is underway, in which Ayub Khan and Fatima Jinnah appear before their electors in each area at different times but usually on the same days.

While Ayub Khan is probably groomed by his oratorial Foreign Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto not to be bogged down by statistics (Ayub's tragic flaw) and instead focus on emotionalizing his speeches to his limited capacity, the Opposition Leader Miss Fatima Jinnah is coming out as a bitter critic of everything that smacks of a dictatorial stamp on it - from the personal traits of Ayub Khan to his son's alleged abuse of power for strengthening his 'Gandhara Motors' to the general character of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto whom she recently dubbed as 'inebriate and a philanderer.'

Even Ayub stooped below his usual level of decorum when, at a press conference in Lahore, he exclaimed that Miss Jinnah has been leading an 'unnatural' life (obviously a reference to her spinsterhood) and was surrounded by 'perverts.'

A Win-win situation?

November 19. The elections for the Basic Democrats have ended today. Under the Constitution in force in Pakistan since 1962, it is these elected representatives of the people and not the people themselves who will vote in the forthcoming Presidential Elections.

The Government earlier decided not to issue party tickets to the contestants of these elections, and the opposition is seeing it as a shrewd move: it is now more convenient to purchase the Basic Democrats.

In the absence of a definite categorization of the Basic Democrats both parties are claiming victory. The official Muslim League claims that 80% of the BDs were Ayub's supporters while the Combined Opposition Party (COP) claims 90% of the winners to be its own.

Agay Samandar Hai...

December 1. Ayub warns Urdu-speaking BD members from Karachi against voting for his opponents: "Agay samandar hai…"

Color comes to Pakistani cinema

April 23. Dacca-made Sangam is the first Pakistani full length color film; it stars Rozi, Haroon, Samita, Khalil; music from Ataur Rahman; produced & directed by Zaheer Rehan; Sunnay Circle presentation

Tokyo Olympics

October. Pakistan loses hockey champion status to India in Tokyo Olympics

Pakistan enters television age

November 26. Television transmission started from Lahore, experimentally for 90 days. Citizens flock around 300 TV sets, out of which 200 have been placed at public spots.

President Ayub becomes the first president to address the Pakistanis through TV, hosted by program organizer Aslam Azhar. Announcements by Tariq Aziz and Kanwal Hameed.

The formal code of policy centers around achieving four major objectives: (a) instruction and enlightenment; (b) enrichment of knowledge and information; (c) wholesome entertainment; and (d) promotion of national outlook and integration.

Read complete text: Memorandum of Association of Pakistan Television Corporation Ltd

Songs remembered

Mujhe tum se mohabbat hai (Heera Aur Pathar)

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