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The Chronicle of Pakistan
Compiled by Khurram Ali Shafique
with special thanks to Aqeel Abbas Jafferi
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Jan 29 Ayub suffers serious heart attack, but the news is suppressed. Commander-in-Chief General Yahya Khan unofficially takes charge

Feb 19 International tribunal decides in favour of Pakistan’s claim against India over possession of Sindhi section of Rann of Kachh

Jun 19 Formal hearing on Agratala Conspiracy Case started by tribunal headed by Chief Justice S A Rahman (see Jan 27, 1969)

Summer: Bhutto tours West Pakistan: addresses public meetings in Lahore, Karachi, Hyderabad, Peshawar, Kohat and Dera Ismail Khan; receives rousing welcome

August 2: Lahore and Cordoba declared twin cities; Mozang Chowk renamed Cordoba Chowk in response to Spanish government's decision to name square in Cordoba after Allama Iqbal

Nov 8 Colleges closed in Rawalpindi; violent student demonstrations; Army called out to restore law and order; curfew imposed

Nov 19 Ayub escapes sniper’s shot in a public meeting in Peshawar


linguist, scholar, educationist (Apr 14)

film art director (Sep 2)



Muslim Brotherhood Party

An Exercise in Conspiracy

Conspiracy theory

January 6. Government representatives claim to have discovered a conspiracy to break away the East Pakistan. Allegedly, the conspiracy was hatched by Pakistani civilians, military officers and bureaucrats who allegedly met Indian officials at Agartala, India.

Fear lurks in the air in Chitagong and Dacca as suspect Bengalis are arrested and investigations gain momentum.

Ayub indisposed

February.Authorities claim that Ayub Khan is suffering from influenza, but the nation suspects something more serious ails the chief.

Student shot dead

November 7. A college student was shot dead by police as fire opened on a procession of students demonstrating on Peshawar Rd, Rawalpindi, against the new education policy summarised in University Ordinance

Under arrest

November. Bhutto, Wali Khan and 11 other political leaders have been arrested for encouraging "hatred and contempt" of the Ayub regime, following the killing of a college student by the police on November 7.

Right to strike

Following the student insurgency in November, factory workers have joined in the protest against the policies of the present regime, which has withdrawn the right to strike and clamped down on trade unions.

Hazards of toxic waste

A study conducted by Dr. S. A. Qadir reveals that the industries in Karachi are not using pollution control measures and releasing highly toxic effluents into the environment. The study focuses on the effect of waste water on vegetation in Karachi's SITE industrial area. This is perhaps the first environmental assessment study in Pakistan.

Decade of development

Ayub Khan's propaganda machinery goes into overdrive to celebrate the so-called Decade of Development. Radio, television, government-controlled newspapers and hoardings proclaim the achievement of the great leader at every opportunity. But the picture of stability being painted bears little resemblance to the reality on the ground. Such media overkill does not go down well in a country burdened with all kinds of political and economic inequities.

Mujib accused of treason

January 18. Mujib ur Rahman arrested for involvement in Agratala Conspiracy

Mexico gold

Pakistan reclaims hockey gold at Mexico Olympics under Tariq Aziz

All in the 22 families

October. As the Ayub regime celebrates its "10 years of glorious revolution," the widespread feeling is that the level of real wages has actually fallen. Meanwhile, chief economist of the planning commission, Dr. Mahboobul Haque, admits that a mere 22 families own or control 66 percent of the nation's industrial wealth and 87 percent of the banking and insurance.

Movie rage

Eastern Films, edited by Said Haroon, has become the most popular magazine for film buffs. Its peak has coincided with the golden age of Karachi cinema. Among the interviews, film reviews and gossip is a cheeky Q and A section, "Yours Impishly," modelled by the sub-editor Asif Noorani after I.S. Johar's page in India's Filmfair.

Yours Impishly
Asif Noorani

What the hell do Censors think girls should wear?
There is a world of difference between what they think and what they wish.

Why is filmstar Kemal so militantly in favour of introducing kissing in Pakistani films?
It is quite natural for a man to look for something which he does not get at home.

How does your girlfriend look like when you kiss her?
I don’t remember my girlfriends by their faces


Painter Gulgee accompanies President Ayub Khan as official artist on a tour of Europe, during which he presents a sketch to French President Charles De Gaulle.

Songs remembered

Sun lay O Jan-e- wafa (Sangdil)

Duniya kay ghamon ko thukra do (Doosri Maa)

Nadiya behti jayay (Tum Meray Ho)

Kiya hai jo piyar to (Dil Mera Dhadkan Teri)

Ay baharo gawah reehna (Saiqa)

Mujhe talash thi jisski (Jahan Tum Wahan Hum)

Husn ko ishq ka salam (Taj Mahal)

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