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The Chronicle of Pakistan
Compiled by Khurram Ali Shafique
with special thanks to Aqeel Abbas Jafferi
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Jan 15 Nursing staff at Karachi's Civil Hospital goes on strike, following alleged rape of two nurses

Jan 26 Combined Opposition Parties (COP) rally is claimed to be the largest of its kind

Feb 4 COP call successful strike against atrocities in held Kashmir

Feb 8 TNFJ vows to avenge Allama Arif's murder

Feb 11 Army mediated MQM-PPP deal results in swap of 18 PSF and 9 APMSO hostages at the corps commander's office

Feb 23 Anjuman-e-Sipah-e- Sihaba (ASS) leader Maulana Haq Nawaz Jhangvi is murdered, apparently on sectarian grounds

Apr 6 Najeeb Ahmed, PSF leader, is gunned down; clashes escalate between PSF and APMSO

Apr 8 Altaf Husain begins fast undto death in protest against alleged maltreatment of MQM workers

Jul 12 Punjab CM Nawaz Sharif inaugurates new tourist resort at Patriata near Murree

Jul 18 Eight thousand refugees escaping Indian army atrocities in held Kashmir stream into relief camp near Muzaffarabad

Aug People's Democratic Alliance (PDA) is formed as a coalition of the PPP, Tehrik-e-Istaqlal, Tehrik Nifaz-e-Fiq Jafria (TNFJ) and PML (Malik Qasim Group)

Oct 10 Asif Zardari is arrested in Unnar case

Oct Pakistan recalims hockey gold at Beijing Asian Games under Qazi Mohib

Oct 27 PA elections


Mohammad Jumman: folk singer

Naseerul Ijtehadi: religious orator

Mala: playback

Rana Liaquat Ali Khan: former first lady and social worker

Tufail Niazi: folk singer

Nirala (Muzaffar): film comedian

Shahzad Khalil: TV producer


Massacre in Hyderabad

May 27 More than 60, including women and children, die in Hyderabad Pucca Qila area during a police operation, heightening the growing tension between the MQM and the PPP

Declining standards

According to a UNDP report, Pakistan's spending on health fell from 0.3 per cent of GNP in the 1960's to 0.2 in 1986. The literacy rate, meanwhile, is 34 per cent compared to 43 in India, 33 in Bangladesh and 85 per cent in Sri Lanka.

Democracy rocked

August 6 President Ghulam Ishaq Khan (right) dismissed Benazir Bhutto (left)'s government today on corruption charges. He has promised fresh elections on October 24 (NA) and 27 (PA).

In the meantime, Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi has been appointed the caretaker prime minister. Mr. Jatoi was once an important member of the People Party's government in the says of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, but joined the opposite ranks a few years back. He has been a main support of IJI in Sindh.

Former Governor assassinated

October 3 Gunmen assassinate former Frontier CM and Governor Fazle Haq

All's fair?

October The PDA, led by Benazir Bhutto, alleges massive rigging in this month's elections, a claim supported by many independent observers who suspect that the ISI played a leading role in engineering the results. Interestingly, while the turnout in constituencies won by PDA showed little or no change from 1988, it increased by 10 per cent in many areas where the IJI came out on top.

Elections '90

October 24 NA elections are primarily a two-way fight between the PDA and IJI, which the latter wins by huge majority; widespread rigging suspected

The New Prime Minister...

November 6 Nawaz Sharif is elected Prime Minister with 153 votes against PDA nominee

Sadiq Ganji

December 19 Sadiq Ganji, director Iranian Cultural Centre, is shot dead in Lahore

Donor Driven?

Suddenly, they are everywhere. The old APWA begum and paternalistic social worker is out and the non-governmental organization (NGO), and its more grassroots cousin the community based organization, is now all the rage. Partly driven by foreign donors' disenchantment with corrupt governments, the NGO boom in Pakistan has spawned bodies of every shape, size and focus.


January 3 Bahauddin Zakaria Express crashes into a stationary goods train at Sanghi railway station; 300 killed, 400 injured

Blind eye of the law

January Some 200 huts in a Meghwar village in tehsil Tandoo Allahyar are raided by 16 armed men who raped at least 10 women and girls and looted millions in valuables, but the police refuses to lodge an FIR. Violent crime and kidnappings in both rural and urban Sindh are now virtually uncontrollable, crippling everyday life and severely damaging industry and agriculture.

Film on Salman Rushdie

June. International Gorillay, a dance-sex-religion formula film, portrays Salman Rushdie as a bloodthirsty maniac destined for a horrible end. In the film, Rushdie (played by Afzal Ahmed; left) satiates his lust for blood by putting away Muslim hostages with a sword. The film also includes a dramatized version of the Islamabad police firing (February 12, 1989).

Upwardly mobile

Licences have been awarded to two companies, Instaphone and Paktel, to provide cellular phone services in Pakistan.

Frere Hall Ceiling

September Sadequain's Frere Hall ceiling mural unveiled 3 years after the master's death


November NTM buys prime time on STN (ex-PTN) and emerges as a popular second channel that could give PTV a run for its money in urban Pakistan.

Songs remembered

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