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The Chronicle of Pakistan
Compiled by Khurram Ali Shafique
with special thanks to Aqeel Abbas Jafferi
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Jan 1 Pakistan proposes UNO Security Council session on Kashmir issue

Read Security Council's resolution

Jan 19 Foundation stone of new campus of Karachi University (at Country Club Rd) laid down by President Iskander Mirza

Feb 2 Foundation stone of Guddoo Barrage laid by President Mirza

Feb 9-27 National Assembly sessions (17 sittings)

Mar 19 Dr Khan Sahib is elected to the National Assembly from West Pakistan

Apr 8-25 National Assembly sessions (15 sittings)

Jul 15. Parliamentary rule restored in WP

Jul 17 Sirdar Abdur Rasheed new CM of WP

Aug 22-31 National Assembly sessions (10 sittings)

Aug 27. M.A. Gurmani resigns as the Governor of West Pakistan

Sep 30 Sugar Commission appointed

Oct 8 President promises to consider the restoration of the state of Qalat in a meeting with 45 Balochi tribal cheifs

Nov28-30 National Assembly sessions (3 sittings)

Dec 28-30 National Assembly sessions (3 sittings)



Khan Sahib Mubarak Ali Khan: Music master (Apr 8)

SMS Aga Khan III
49th Imam of Aga Khani Ismailis, political visionary (Jul 11)

Majeed Lahori humorist, column writer (Jun 26) 

Zahid Husain: economist, diplomat, 1st govn of State Bank


Presidential rule in West Pakistan

March 22. Governor Gurmani declares presidential rule in West Pakistan (WP), preempting move by 40 Republican Party dissidents to oust CM Khan Sahib

Native air marshal

July 22. Air Vice Marshal Asghar Khan who takes over from outgoing A.W.B. McDonald is the first native chief of PAF

National Awami Party

July 25. The All Pakistan Democratic Convention in Dacca culminates in Abdul Hameed Bhashani of the Awami League joining the Pakistan National Party, whose name is changed to the National Awami Party.

Suhrawardy is out of power

October 11. Suhrawardy has lost support in the National Assembly, and forced to resign. It is widely suspected that his ouster was engineered by President Mirza.

Suhrawardy supports One Unit

October 6. In a remarkable about-turn from his criticism of the One Unit Scheme when it was introduced while he was a leader of the Opposition, the now Prime Minister Mr. Suhrawardy has taken a firm stand against the Republican demand to restore the former provinces. Addressing a public gathering at Mochi Gate (Lahore) today he stated that the benefits of this arrangement require decades before taking effect, but the power of the feudal lords in the West Pakistan can be weakened only if the limited jurisdictions of the provinces are expanded into a wide context of a big unit. "With the disintegration of One Unit," he declared, "the problem of inter-provincial discord would be revived and might assume dangerous proportions if fully autonomous provinces refused to listen to the central authority."

November 17, Lahore. "Ideologies must have precedence over bread," says PM Chundrigar to a gathering at Mochi Gate. He says that the Muslim League has "entered the Government to save the ideology of Pakistan which was menaced by joint electorates."

New Prime Minister

October 18. I.I. Chundrigar is sworn in as the new PM. In his radio broadcast today he has emphasized the need for lowering the price level, checking inflation, rehabilitating the refugees, introducing land reforms and eliminating corruption from the administration.

Noon is the new Prime Minister

December 18. Malik Feroz Khan Noon, who takes oath as new PM today, is the 5th to fill this office in the brief period of 28 months since Aug 1955. Will the show go on?

Disposable Prime Ministers?

December 16. PM Chundrigar has resigned. He, too, was unable to keep a majority in the house. It is now becoming increasingly evident that the compromise between the parliamentary and prediential principles worked out in the Constitution of 1956 is unworkable.

Architects invited to submit designs for Jinnah's mausoleum

International Union of Architects has launched competition for designing Quaid’s Mausoleum in coordination with Quaid-e-Azam Memorial Committee.

New champion

March 26. Squash Champion Hashim Khan was defeated at British Open but Pakistan retains claim to squash championship as the new champion is Roshan Khan, Hashim’ scousin and, obviously, a son of the same soil

Lead filmstars get married

The news about the marriage of arguably the two most popular stars of Pakistani screen, Sabiha Khanum and Santosh Kumar, has been received by their common fans with much pleasure.

Khuda ki Basti

Khuda ki Basti, the new novel by Shaukat Siddiqui has recieved critical acclaim

Jinnah's photograph annoys religious leaders

December 24. State Bank’s new 100 rupee note, carrying picture of the founder of the state, has raised protests from religious scholars who consider it un-Islamic.

Yaro mujhe muaaf rakho

The song from Saat Lakh, sung by Salim Raza with music from Rasheed Attre has set new records in gramophone sales. The lyrics consist of a ghazal from the classical Urdu poet Mir Taqi Mir

Pirated patriotism?

Baidari, released Dec 6, is publicised as a film with patriotic message. How long will it take the public to recognise that it is a shameless carbon copy of the Indian Jagrati. Even the national songs are copied with “Pakistan” inserted in place of “Hindustan”!

Songs remembered

Aye mausam rangeelay sohanay
(Saat Lakh)

Yaro mujhay muaaf rakho (Saat Lakh)

Jigar chhalni hai (Ishq-e-Laila) 

Chand takay jhuk (Ishq-e-Laila)

Jab teray shehr say guzarta hoon (Wadah)

Above: "Aye mausam rangeelay sohanay..." Dancer Neelo has become a rage with cameo appearance in Saat Laakh

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